Mountains are such powerful symbols. There are thousands of analogies, artistic explorations, religious texts and poetic uses of these majestic beings. I’m so grateful to have spent two weeks around them this summer in Peru with the most easy-going and adventurous travel buddy (her hands are featured in the second image at Machu Picchu). Mountains will be making more of an appearance in future works, as I process what they mean to me, and what they can teach me.

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about play, and its relationship to art. Why do we create these divided images of the serious adult and the playful child? Shouldn’t a child be responsible (to an extent), and an adult engage in play?

I sometimes come home from work and watch the shadows on my wall slowly shift as the day progresses. It gives me a joy that’s hard to put in words, but it’s as if the sun and wall are teenagers giggling and teasing each other.

I’m trying to tune in more to the part of me that sees objects (and people) like this. Bundles of energy, tickling, poking each other, exploring and pushing boundaries, finding new meanings in the same old things.

It’s one of the heaviest, coldest months in the Northern hemisphere, and some days feel like a drag, but on other days I feel inspired by:

  1. Olafur Arnalds – An ambient-electronic musician from Iceland, his songs feel like being submerged in water.
  2. Broken ceramics – I found a ceramic pot in my garden, that had filled with water but frozen into ice. The ice had split the pot into two perfect halves. Now I have two beautiful half pots, and many half ideas about what to do with them.
  3. Birch bark – There are many pieces lying under my bed, that I had collected from last summer. They are waiting to find a home, or a project to turn into (…baskets, boxes, a painting?), but they are so perfectly stained and scratched, that sometimes I want to leave them just as they are!
  4. Travelling/Summer – I try not to let my dreams linger too far into the future, and instead have little dreams for the week, or month. But this season the summer bug is crawling deep into my skin, and my mind is wandering towards having a large backpack on, painting plein-air, singing around a fire.

Hello, from my studio. Currently working on a commission of a Lahore streetscape, which is quite challenging and frustrating at times, but I feel well-supported by the sunlight and my houseplants!