Nimra is a Pakistani-Canadian artist based in Mississauga. Her inspiration manifests from many sources including dreams, hikes, and meditation, through the study of eastern and South-Asian philosophy, and scientific research into cognition and consciousness.

Her visual art has appeared as cover art and internal illustration in untethered, In/Words Magazine, Indésirables, re:asian, and other publications. She has displayed work at Anticafé (Montreal), the Fridge Door Gallery (Montreal), Slackline (Toronto) among other places.

Projects she has led include an Interactive Mural created by adults with disabilities at DEEN Support Services and displayed at the Mississauga Central Library. She was involved in co-founding and developing the Yellow Door Art Hive from 2015-17, a creative hub for youth in Montreal. Ongoing projects she is involved in include Backyard Worlds, a collaborative miniature sculpture series, and Diarios del Rio, an experimental film project.

She currently works as a Developmental Therapist with children with autism, integrating her interests in well-being and creative expression. She holds a BA in Psychology and Religious Studies from McGill University.